Coldins’ current news: positive news regarding patent eligibility and an addition to the team

The insulation technology company Coldins, a portfolio company of Startup Lions, has received positive news regarding its Euro PCT patent application. Coldins received a report stating that its cooling insulation solution is regarded as eligible for patenting. This is an important step in business development, positively affecting the valuation of the company. 

Coldins is currently preparing to apply for local patents in its target countries. As a part of its go-to-market plan, Coldins plans to test the insulation solution in full scale within the next twelve months. Through testing, the suitability of Coldins insulation solution in the target markets can be proven. According to Coldins’ estimate, this could result in a significant increase in the company valuation. 

Alexander Martirosian appointed as Sales, Development and Commercialisation Director 


Alexander Martirosian has beAlexander_Martirosian.jpgen appointed as Coldins’ new Sales, Development and Commercialisation Director. Mr. Martirosian has wide international expertise, having worked in Russia, Sweden, France and the Netherlands besides Finland. An experienced consultant, Martirosian’s experience extends to companies such as SIAR-Bossard, Gemini Consulting and K. Hartwall Invest Oy Ab.

Over the years Martirosian has worked on direct investment projects in a variety of manufacturing and service industries. His experience also includes capital raising in the IT sector. 

“Alex brings a wealth of experience to Coldins, and he will be instrumental in taking Coldins towards commercialisation”, says Johan Backas, the Chairman of Coldins.