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We acknowledge that it is challenging for a startup to get financing before the biggest hurdles have been overtaken. The initial phase of a new company is long and extremely demanding. We also know that startups need not only funding but also competent expert consulting in various areas and stages of business.

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Productive Idea -Competition Partnership

In 2023, we are partnering up with the Productive Idea - competition organized by the Junior Chamber International Finland / JCI Finland.

The competition aims to stimulate innovation and highlight new business ideas and their importance as key factors in social and economical development. Tuottava Idea -competition also highlights the appreciation and importance of entrepreneurship in Finland.

In previous years, our portfolio companies have also had their share of success in the competition: Dermeco Oy was awarded as the best startup company in 2022, and in the same year, DiabetesSara was awarded as Western Finland's regional winner in the Society category.

News and events





Turvamaksut.fi service launches - favorable market outlook

Turvamaksut.fi has entered into a partnership agreement with a well-known online marketplace, and the launch is scheduled for the upcoming weeks in Finland. The outlook in the market appears quite promising, and the scalability of the service creates opportunities for large volumes.



Viva Unveiled their Electric Personal Watercraft at the Helsinki Boat Exhibition

Startup Lions portfolio company Viva Electric Jets presented an environmentally friendly watercraft at the boat fair, which aroused interest in both domestic and international media.



Networking is a cornerstone in the strategic growth of our investment portfolio

At the core of our investment strategy is the continuous discovery of new and exciting startup companies to add to our portfolio. While we receive numerous inquiries from promising investment opportunities, we also emphasize ongoing and active exploration of investment possibilities.
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