For Investors

We enable startup companies to grow

Today our company has 100+ shareholders and investments in 13 startups. For an investor, we offer the possibility to get involved in early-stage startups with diversified risks. You can either be an active member working with our portfolio companies or a financial supporter for  Finnish startup companies on their way to success.

Limited risk investment

We do not have a limited investment policy and do not collect management fees from investors. All assets are invested directly into companies, and direct operating expenses are covered directly by own funds and funds received from exits.

We raise capital a few times a year. A typical required investment is from 15.000 EUR to 50.000 EUR per investor.

We are debt-free and strive to invest at the lowest possible cost so that with various debt or support instruments we are able to increase our investments.

How we operate

Our returns consist of successful exits that we invest back into new companies.

Our long-term goal is to be able to offer investors the opportunity to trade the company's stock. However, at the moment we are focusing on growing our investment portfolio and developing our operations.




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