For Startups

We help startup companies to succeed from the very beginning

We come on board with equity financing. We are always actively involved in the development of a company with an operational approach to board work. We bring growth financing channels and processes to the company's use and effectively lead the company to the next stages of growth.


Our solutions for a new company

We see each startup as an individual, but the prerequisites for successful growth are always the same.



Equity, funding, loans, and debt instruments as required by the company.



We offer experience and consulting to boost the development and management practices of the company.



We offer our extensive network of professionals from different fields of business to help you overcome challenges.



Our goal is to develop the company to the next scalable financing stage by finding the best growth path.

What are our typical investments? 

We invest in projects that need funding to enter the next phase. We provide equity financing, but do not provide loans.

We invest in all industries, as long as the idea generates new scalable business.

Project example

We join you in the very beginning to support your company's growth. We require professionalism and a development mindset when we work toward the next level of growth.


First investment

We make an investment at a very early stage, holding between 20% to 50% of the company’s shares.


Organizing activities

We organize operational activities and strengthen the board with necessary competence.


Growth funding

We seek finance from a bank, Finnvera, ELY Centre, Business Finland and other suitable parties for e.g., EUR 400.000.


Additional investments

We seek additional investments from other parties to support the growth plan.

We are here for you!

Our experience has shown us that it is challenging to get financing for a startup and the initial phase of starting a new company is long and extremely challenging.

We also know that startups need not only funding but also competence in multiple areas of business.

  • Start Up Lions Oy is owned by Finnish family offices, business leaders and investors.
  • For early stage startups we are a strategic partner, coach and financial expert.
  • We help you seek private equity and give you advice on how to grow your business. 
  • We look for the expertise needed to support you as an entrepreneur.
  • Know-how is our most important capital.

Work with us if you...

  1. Are looking fo a team that will help you develop your business.

  2. Are passionate, create enthusiasm for the company, and want to work with motivated people.

  3. Are open-minded and acknowledge your strengths and weaknesses.

  4. Have a good idea, but need a genuinely active and experienced partner.

In need of early-stage financing or expertise to help grow your business?

Let’s build the future together