Matti Koivunoro Appointed CEO, Coldins to Take Finnish Insulation Innovation Global

Coldins is a Finnish startup soon to launch its patented and groundbreaking insulation solution to the market. The insulation solution developed by Coldins harnesses simple laws of physics to insulate and cool down buildings. The company's insulation invention enables building cooling without the need for electricity. The need for cooling in buildings is estimated to increase in the future due to climate change.

As of May 2024, Matti Koivunoro (M.Sc.) has been appointed the role of CEO at Coldins. Koivunoro has a robust background in civil engineering with extensive experience in various leadership positions in the construction industry. Most recently, Koivunoro served as the CEO of VRP Etelä-Suomi, a Finnish construction company.

– When I heard about Coldins, I was immediately interested in how simple the invention ultimately is. Additionally, I think it's great that through insulation, energy can be saved, and therefore we can make the world a slightly better place. Coldins’ insulation solution has tremendous market potential because almost half of the world’s population live in warm climate conditions, Koivunoro explains.

The International Energy Agency (IEA) estimates that globally around 10% of the world’s electricity consumption is used for cooling buildings. Due to climate change, an increasing portion of the world's population will suffer from heat. Thus, the need for energy-efficient construction and cooling will significantly increase. 

Focus on product development and Middle Eastern markets

Johan Backas, Chairman of the Board of Coldins, comments on Koivunoro's appointment as follows:
– We are at a stage in the patent process and product development where it’s time to commercialise the product and strengthen the organisation. The expertise of Koivunoro will support Coldins in its pursuits for internationalisation and rapid growth.

With Koivunoro's appointment, Juha Helin, the father of the insulation innovation and the founder of the company, will transition from the role of CEO to the position of Chief Technical Officer. Helin explains that this will allow him more time to focus on optimising the technical features of the product. According to Helin, Koivunoro brings a much-needed perspective from the construction industry to Coldins.

Coldins is currently offering shares and seeking investors to support and fund in bringing the product to market. First, the company aims to target the Middle Eastern markets where such technologies that drive the green transition are known to have demand.

For further information please contact:

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Matti Koivunoro, CEO
+358 50 596 6690

Johan Backas, Chairman of the Board
+358 40 555 9294