Networking is a cornerstone in the strategic growth of our investment portfolio

At the heart of our investment strategy is the continuous search for new and exciting startup ventures to add to our portfolio. While we receive numerous inquiries from promising investment prospects, we also invest in ongoing and active exploration of investment opportunities. This ensures that our portfolio is a meticulously curated and diversified collection designed for our investor network and allows the value of the investment to increase.

Startup events serve as excellent platforms for identifying new investment opportunities and showcasing our services to early-stage businesses. Various pitching events, where we have participated both as attendees and judges, have proven to be fruitful. Active participation in events remains one of the most crucial means of identifying startups that align with our portfolio.

In addition to events, strategic networking with industry players and communities, collaborating with fellow investors, and engaging in startup competitions have proven to be effective ways of discovering intriguing investment targets. For the past few years, we have served as judges in the "Tuottava Idea" competition, where our portfolio companies SaraWell and Dermeco achieved success.


We have actively participated in various events, including:

  • Shif Business Festival
  • Seed Forum
  • Platform 6
  • SparkUp, BusinessUp DemoDay
  • StartHub
  • Slush

Next on our agenda is the Polar Bear Pitching event in Oulu at the end of February.


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