Digital service concept for treatment and prevention of diabetes 

We specialize in the treatment and prevention of diabetes with a fully digital service concept. We offer our services regardless of time and place with remote appointments with diabetes nurses and with our Healthy Day service platform. The platform provides the client with a 6-month path to lifestyle change and a secure connection to discuss with our diabetes nurses. The Healthy Day service platform can also be licensed for use by professional healthcare organizations.

Our goal is to be Finland's number one actor and public healthcare partner in diabetes care in the near future. In a few years, our goal is to gain a solid foothold in preventive diabetes care and also in the international market.

Specialization in diabetes care positively distinguishes us in the field of private health care. The digital service concept makes our expertise available everywhere. Despite our special expertise in diabetes care, the Healthy Day service, which is at the core of our operations, is also applicable to other lifestyle diseases to prevent and support treatment.

The turnover for the financial year 2021 was approximately EUR 53,000 and the result was approximately EUR 2,700.

General information

  • Established in 2018
  • Industry: healthcare

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