Snowsus / eFloater


Snowsus Oy develops light electric vehicles. Their aim is to renew the way we move on land, snow, and water. The concept is based on the idea of saving energy instead of increasing power. We can create ecological new-age vehicles by minimizing weight, movement, and wind resistance, and by optimizing energy transmission.

Snowsus is currently developing an electric ski jet called eFloater. The eFloater is powered by electricity and is therefore significantly more energy efficient than traditional jet skis. From an environmental point of view, the electric jet ski is a better choice for both people and nature due to it causing fewer emissions and noise pollution.

The company also has other patented solutions for moving on land and snow. In addition to the electric jet ski, Snowsus has designed and built prototypes of an electric vehicle that can be used year-round.

General Information

  • Founded in 2019
  • Industry: light electric vehicles
  • Product: eFloater

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