Additive manufacturing for tough use

Delva's production operations started in 2019. The business idea sprouted from founder Markku Lindqvist's master's thesis focusing on additive manufacturing and has since developed and matured out of a desire to renew the industry and do things better.

The world is changing and one of the key goals of the industry is to reduce carbon footprint. To this, 3D printing brings a resource-efficient and needs-driven way of working that implements the principles of the circular economy. Efforts to decrease the carbon footprint will benefit significantly from the energy-efficient solutions made possible by printing. In addition, uncertainties in supply chains have been widely identified and additive manufacturing is seen as an opportunity to increase stability.

In this rapidly changing world, Delva is paving the way and lowering the threshold for companies to do things better. The company is an experienced metal 3D printing expert supported by the strong background of its personnel in the engineering and steel industries. 

Delva is focused on metal printing and offers the widest range of materials in Finland. With machines and equipment at the forefront of development and deep expertise, Delva implements innovative solutions with its customers, providing the support that the customer needs at any given time. The diverse ecosystem strengthens the range of post-processing services and supports Delva's active customer-oriented research and development.

Since the beginning of production, Delva has annually doubled its revenue and will continue at the same growth rate this year with a turnover target of EUR 800.000. The company has positive EBITDA, and expects zero profit.

General Information

  • Established in 2017
  • Specializes in metal 3D printing

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